Rebranding to finance platform

2 min readOct 12, 2020

We launched on Uniswap at Oct. 09 12:00(UTC) and recorded madness.

The price has risen about 540% from the existing listed price, and the volume of CLT/ETH pair has exceeded five times the amount first liquidity we added CLT&ETH.

Listing Price : $0.01
Liquidity Pool : 5% of Distribution ( $50,000 each ETH/CLT )
ATH Price : $0.05464
Volume on First day : about $514,960

I thank all fellas for their enthusiastic support and crazy attention. He-ya!

Now, I’ll tell you the news that everyone would like.

  1. Liquidity Locked on Unicrypt

We locked the liquidity we had initially provided to repay the community’s enthusiastic support for a year. In general, only the projects that proceeded with the sale lock Liquidity, but we provided Liquidity with our own money to realize CLT’s beliefs and the value of decentralization and locked it for 1 year.

2. Rebranding to Finance Platform

Our Finance Platform under Development

The first Dapp with our first exchange partner, Bitsonic, was very remarkable.
Rather than stopping here, we decided to rebrand our Dapps for various exchanges that wanted to enter the decentralized exchange(DEX) and we decided to Build Finance dapp.

It will be open within this month, and a number of tokens or projects from the centralization exchanges working with us will be added to the pool.
We will continue to increase the value of CLT Token by using this cooperation as leverage.

3. Interim CLT Lock Mining

“Interim CLT/ETH Lock-Mining” will start this week

Period: 16 Oct 2020–25 Oct 2020 (10 days)
CLT available for mining: 1,000,000 CLT
APR Range (estimate): 405.56% and above (depends upon the contributed pool)
CLT-Lock reward: 26 Oct 2020.

How: Contribute to CLT/ETH pool and lock your UNI-V2 (CLT) on CLT LM
More details will uncovered on our communities

This is to incentivize very first CLT holders and cornerstone step for launching a successful finance platform. Last chance to get CLT before yield farming begins.


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