Our itinerary and What is next?

2 min readOct 7, 2020

We started Liquidity Mining on September 18 and almost reached the end of the deadline.

Our voyage, which had tried to implement the ideology of decentralization without a token sale or any privates, is now nearing its end.
Our reckless voyage, which began without any background, presented $308,522 liquidity to the Centralization Exchange, generated 234 transactions and finally evolved into a meaningful voyage.

Upcoming events

Oct. 09. 12:00 (UTC+0)
Oct. 09. 21:00 (UTC+9)

Middle of Oct.
CLT Rebranding announcement

What is Next?

As stated in our white paper, our tokens have a special function of incinerating 1% of the tokens per transaction. For this reason, we are behaving very carefully in the distribution of wallets and our current Liquidity Mining compensation wallets are as belows.

A considerable amount of liquidity has been gathered at BSC, the Native tokens of our partner, Bitsonic Exchange. Our team is going through a lot of discussions with our partners about how to use it, and we are revising our existing business model, IDO(ILO).
In particular, we are very proactive in the future use of the CLT token, which will be introduced to the world for the first time in 4 days, and we will announce our rebranding before or immediately after the CLT listing.

I bet, our Fellas and our partners who participated in Liquidity Mining will all be satisfied.


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