Next phase : Finance farming and our second partner

Oct 26, 2020

The 10 days ‘CLT interim Lock Mining’ ended about a day ago, and a reward will be given at 12:00 UTC+0 27th. Oct. The total added liquidity was about $50,000, which lasted only for a short period of time, was a very encouraging result.
The reward will be paid to each user’s wallet on time.

Next Phase : Finance Farming
The U/I of our Finance Farming platform was completed a few days ago, and all the tokens to participate in this party were finally confirmed.

A total of six to seven Uniswap’s LP tokens or a token will participate, and each reward multiple will be different. Of course, I bet everyone knows that our top priority is all of us, CLT.

Who’s gonna be our second partner?

Since our first partner, the Bitsonic exchange’s native token:BSC, has successfully debuted on DEX(Uniswap), countless exchanges and related Calls have been held. The partner exchange will be announced later this month or super early next month.
There is one thing i wanna tell y’all, the second partner may be something more than being a ‘Liquidity Partner’.

Stay tuned!


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