Introducing our new Farming phase

Four months have passed since the successful launch of the Cexlt project. Currently, the CLT project has 7,490 people in the Telegram community, and Twitter has 6,400 followers. After the last Yield Farming phase has successfully ended, we are releasing a new Farming Phase.

At this phase, we will focus more on staking and Yield Farming of CLT tokens in order to increase the value of our CLT tokens rather than other partnership or native tokens.

Currently, design work through Figma has been completed, and smart contract deployment and front work are in progress.

Currently, we are considering two functions to participate in Yield Farming by locking up the CLT token’s own staking function and the CLT/ETH’s LP token. If you have any great ideas, please let us know what you think to our community at the link below!


Website | Telegram(ann) | Telegram(community) | Twitter | Github




Bring decentralization and liquidity to centralized tokens

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Bring decentralization and liquidity to centralized tokens

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