Introducing Interim CLT Lock Mining

Since CLT platform launched, numerous transactions have occurred. The existing planned distribution volume was 9%, but there are many transactions within the Uniswap Pool and Liquidity Mining rewards token, and nearly half of them have been burned.

We announced in our last posting that we will proceed Liquidity Mining once more(Interim CLT Lock Mining) before launching CLT’s second dapp, the Finance farming platform.

Interim CLT Lock Mining(Staking)

Open at 16 Oct. 2020 12:00 UTC+0
Period: 16 Oct 2020–25 Oct 2020 (10 days)
CLT available for mining: 1,000,000 CLT
APR Range (estimate): 405.56% and above (depends upon the contributed pool)
CLT-Lock reward: 27 Oct 2020.12:00 UTC+9
(Extended by one day due to the finance pool development schedule)

Prior to opening the Finance Farming platform, we planned this to acquire more liquidity, and allocating up to 1,000,000 CLT tokens, which is 1% of the total issued.

Updating Website& Whitepaper

Prior to the start of Interim Liquidity Mining, the Website and Whitepaper will be updated, which contains the description of the Token Distribution, Road-map and Finance Farming platform of the CLT project to be changed in late of this month.


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