Introducing CLT Yield Farming dapp

2 min readDec 11, 2020

The development of the Yield farming dapp, which has been delayed for nearly three weeks due to the Front problem, has been completed. The mining period of phase 1 is 50 days in total, and about 17m $CLT tokens will be mined.

Visit our Yield Farming dapp

Boost farming with our partner

The BSC token, which was the foothold when the initial CLT has a token generation event, takes the next largest interest rate after the CLT token.
About 200,000 CLTs are mined per day in the CLT pool, and 100,000 are mined in the BSC pool.

This amount of mining does not decrease, and the amount of mining may suddenly increase depending on the event, so please participate as much as you can. In addition, the other four pools are scheduled to open within this week and will be announced as soon as they open.

It is faster to participate in the desktop, and we recommend using the Metamask Chrome version.

Not only these dapps, but more and more are ahead of the announcement, so please stay tuned!


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