Introducing CLT Finance Farming Platform

At 12:00 today (UTC0), all the rewards from the Interim Lock Mining of CLT were distributed. 2 months have already passed since the first platform of the Cexlt project came out, and we have just reached over half the milestone on Roadmap.

‘Second Platform dapp’ was planned for December on roadmap, could be moved much earlier. I would like to thank Rex, our developer, and members of our communities support decentralization. In addition, we will soon announce our Second partner, which was not previously planned, and we will also announce some exciting news for the community in early Nov.
Following content is the design U/I for Finance Farming that we have prepared so far.

Introducing CLT Finance Farming Platform

  • There are currently eight pools of farming Token scheduled.

Our Second dapp supports responsive web, so you can easily farming CLT within Imtoken or Metamask.

Platform is currently in the development stage, and the expected to be released on early November. Also, a countdown of announcement that our community will love will begin later this week.

Stay Tuned!


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