Introduce our ‘Initial Liquidity offerings’

2 min readSep 3, 2020

We described liquidity mining and its importance in the previous post. This time, we will introduce CLT team’s creative offerings, the ‘Initial Liquidity Offerings’ system in this post.

Why Liquidity offerings?

With ICO booms, Many projects have raised funds through ICO(Initial coin offerings) and IEO(Initial Exchange offerings). The funds collected by these offerings are revealed through their whitepaper; none mentions how their liquidity is controlled. Sooner or later, we launch new offers to help to provide this liquidity to DEX(Decentralized Exchange).

Injecting liquidity to Crypto-exchanges requires a high level of responsibilities since the additional liquidity might impact the token’s price. But time changed. Things are very different now what it was. Injecting liquidity appears a Must at DEX. The majority of the projects that raised the mast of the recent beginning added a section ‘Liquidity offering’ to the token distribution on their whitepaper.

Liquidity offerings mechanism

1)A project or any ‘Token’ on a centralized exchange applies to ILO on our CLT platform.

2)ILO is conducted on the CLT platform after determining how much the sale volume is and what tokens to be used on offerings.

*Of course, project audit is mandatory in this process

3)A certain percentage of tokens sold are injected with Token A into DEX, such as Uniswap and Balancer.

(Of course, new tokens may be issued here, and new governance may be brought out by votes in the community)

Once all steps above are successfully conducted, liquidity is injected into the DEX.

The web app related to this will be released soon, so please stay tuned on our community!


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