CLT will be listed on Major centralized Exchange


Hello CLT Fellas!
Thank you for waiting for the long countdown for seven days. We were looking for a second partner following BITSONIC EXCHANGE, and we were lucky to be connected to an global exchange that is very interested in the defi market. They were very interested in Cexlt(CLT) project, they became our official secondary partner and in addition we got listed on their exchange!

What is special?

As everyone knows, CLT token is composed of smart contracts that are burned by 1% each time a transaction occurs. In all centralized exchanges(CEX), token trading occurs between users by the ledger rather than transactions. Therefore, trading within CEX hinder our burning transaction.
This comes to us as a very interesting point. Therefore, in order to balance DEX such as Uniswap and CEX, there will be many attempts(a.k.a Event) related to liquidity.

Any detailed schedule?

The schedule is currently being adjusted with all possibilities open, and it is expected to be released next week at the latest.


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