Celebrating our countdown to Big announcement with Airdrop

Last Friday, 30 October, we started countdown on our big announcement. Check out our latest post at the link below!

On September 16, Our team did not have any sales but right after TGE(Token Generation Event), CLT achieved tremendous results with up to 194 holders. But since then, the slump in the defi market has caused CLT holders to continue to fall. In the meantime, we’ve done two AMA and Giveaway three times, so our community has become even more powerful.

Before big announcement, we would like to promote our vision of decentralization by increasing the number of holders.

How and When?

Airdrop will conducted through our twitter, so complete the simple mission and fill out the google form.
Details of airdrop will be announced on Twitter at 09:00(UTC+0) 3th November.
Please continue to stay tune!


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Bring decentralization and liquidity to centralized tokens

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