Four months have passed since the successful launch of the Cexlt project. Currently, the CLT project has 7,490 people in the Telegram community, and Twitter has 6,400 followers. After the last Yield Farming phase has successfully ended, we are releasing a new Farming Phase.

The development of the Yield farming dapp, which has been delayed for nearly three weeks due to the Front problem, has been completed. The mining period of phase 1 is 50 days in total, and about 17m $CLT tokens will be mined.

Visit our Yield Farming dapp

We had an AMA on Cexlt’s community yesterday(December 3 at 12:00). Please refer to the following as a recap.

Q 1) What is your first step in making the CLT a truly vital part of the DeFi economy and ensuring that the CLT can generate income for its holders? …

Development of the Yield Faring Pool Open is completed.
Unfortunately, a vulnerability was discovered in the Approve process of the contract during testing native tokens excluding LP tokens on Ropsten network.
For this reason, we had to take another work to change the native token selected as our third partner to LP token, and we reached the closing stage of the contract work.
Completed Progress : APY backend through Prime oracle, dapp UI

In Progress: Ropsten Network Test, Rinkeby Testnet Final Inspection
Expected Open Date: This weekend or next week


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We‘d like to congratulate CLT’s first centralized exchange listings with airdrop event. To participate in CLT’s airdrop event, you must enter Google form below and write down your answer on quiz and survey.

Google form


1st(3 ppl) : 100,000 CLT
2nd(5 ppl) : 50,000 CLT
3rd(7 ppl) : 10,000 CLT



The Cexlt(CLT) project selected Hotbit as our second Centralized Exchange(CEX) partner, and we were finally listed on the first centralized Exchange, Hotbit.

Deposit: Nov 12 08:00 am(UTC+0)
Trading: Nov 13 08:00 am(UTC+0)
Withdrawal: Nov 13 08:00 am(UTC+0)

Hotbit is the first centralized exchange we list, and the listing is planned to continue to occur in the future.


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I bet, this week must be a huge important week of the Cexlt project. Over 10,000 users applied for our airdrop campaign, held for nearly a week, and all airdrop tokens were successfully distributed late of afternoon yesterday.

More about Yield farming dapp

Hello CLT Fellas!
Thank you for waiting for the long countdown for seven days. We were looking for a second partner following BITSONIC EXCHANGE, and we were lucky to be connected to an global exchange that is very interested in the defi market. …

In the last post, we announced that the airdrop would be carried out this week. In today, the main focus of the post will be on how to participate in airdrop.

Celebrating CLT’s Big Announcement Countdown, we are hosting an Airdrop !

  1. Repost our latest tweet.
    Link :

Last Friday, 30 October, we started countdown on our big announcement. Check out our latest post at the link below!


Bring decentralization and liquidity to centralized tokens

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